Patrons of our crowdfunding

This is the list of all the people and businesses who donated to our crowdfunding. We are really close to reach our objective thanks to the generority of everyone that has helped.

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Blinded By Color Project

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Big patrons

EADIMODA Escola Atelier Disseny i Moda

Triodos Bank

logo de eadi moda logo de triodos bank

List of benefactors

Verónica Larrain, Hugo Sanchez, María, Esther Minguell, Coralia, Cristina Güell, Clara Daniela, Mary Sellart, Alice, Camilla, Guillermo Cortes, Irene Millas, Alba Fernández Candial, Teresa Maria, Juliana, Javier, Pilar, Antonio, Sergi Millas, Beatriz, Leonor Tarradas, Maria Jose, Pilica, Paola, Sonia Creus, Elena Salcedo, Daniel García, Lola Raya, Andrea Samantha, Anne Geckos, Matias, Federica, Mariaclara, Mafalda, Oscar Millas, Ceci y Cris Melo.