The Trashion Fab

How did the idea originated?

The Trashion Fab was born after several conversations between Moda Sostenible Barcelona, Upcycling Barcelona and Solidança Treball.  After the approval of the new Law of Waste and Contaminated Soils we decided to create a solution that can be offered to businesses in order for them to comply with the implementation of this law by 2025.  

At the Association we were receiving many emails from different entities asking us for suggestions about what to do with the overstock of clothing they had and that they were continuously receiving.  They offered us these residues for our members to do something with them in order to give it some use instead of just being discarded.  That is how we started thinking about possible solutions.


How do we make it happen?

The project seeks to maximize the opportunities for pre and post consumer textile waste through its reutilization and circularity.  There are three stages:


Ecodesign training to women with risk of social exclusion. The project generates job opportunities and training around sustainability and circular economy. In the following video Sonia, one of the participants of the training, shares with us her experience and learning abilities.


Pick-up service of pre and post consumer textile waste to local workshops. Finally, businesses have a solution to manage their textile waste while at the same time generating jobs and creating ofashion garments.



With these textile residues we will produce new garments and new fabrics through shredding and spinning procedures. The final objective is to produce a sustainable garment produced with textile residue that was transformed into something useful and with quality.

Once we are able to fulfill these three stages, we plan to launch a product into the market because economic viability is a key element of sustainability.  The product is versatile and in fashion. Sustainable fashion can be elegant, stylish and be part of our everyday lives.  The Trashion Fab wants to prove that fashion can be circular. 

infografía del business plan de TTF, recolecta de residuos, recolección, transformación y comercialización